I’m Frank Almeida and I will be your host. I’m originally from Chicago. I created Argentina’s first gourmet cookie brand in 2002 and now with this tour I created I want to share Argentina’s love of asado through local customs and traditions that visitors to Argentina don’t get to experience. I based this tour on the types of tours that I look for when I travel. I have grilled in the middle of the Amazon jungle; ran across the Andes in a three-day race from Chile to Argentina; cooked in Florence and the Italian countryside; picnicked in the South African bush; as well as completed several food tours all across Europe. Let’s have an amazing lunch together!

I’m Max Carnage. I currently work at Strange Brewing, one of Buenos Aires’ trendiest micro breweries, where I’m in charge of the kitchen. I love to grill meat, “It’s part of every Argentine’s DNA”. The asado is a language of friendship, of family and camaraderie; it’s a perfect excuse to meet up with those closest to you, to meet new friends, share some wine and forget for a moment the stress and problems of everyday life.