Forma Fantasma by Strange Brewing

Forma Fantasma by Strange Brewing

craft beer desserts Aug 30, 2020

I loved this latest Imperial Oatmeal Stout by Strange Brewing! This stout was made with toasted coconut, vanilla beans, and oatmeal. I found this beer very well balanced and easy to drink for a 10% ABV Imperial Stout.

I can easily make out the coconut in this beer, and the oatmeal just smoothed it out and made it easier to drink. As you can see from the pictures, this is a very dark beer with a thick caramel head.

I do pair beers with sweets now and then, and this time I had some salty caramel alfajores that I thought might combine well with this beer.

I was right; the two paired very well. The artisan alfajores are from @sofiasibajapastry, and I loved how the sweet and salty combination of her alfajore matched with the dry, smooth coconut stout.

If you make it to Buenos Aires, you can find both of these producers by their social media accounts:

Instagram: Strange Brewing
Instagram: Sofia Sibaja Pastry


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