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Meet the AsadoAdventure Team

We are a small group of native English speakers and locals with excellent English, and we love to show off our neighborhood of Palermo Viejo in Buenos Aires.

Frank Almeida

I based these tours on the types of tours that I have taken myself in my travels. I have grilled freshly caught cuy (South American guinea pig) in the middle of the Amazon jungle; ran across the Andes in a three-day race from Chile to Argentina; cooked in Florence and the Italian countryside; picnicked in the South African bush, as well as completed several food tours all across Europe. Every single one of those experiences has influenced how I have created these tours for you to enjoy.

Frank Almeida.jpg
Max Carnage.jpg

Max Carnage

I created a restaurant called Ribs Al Rio. Before that, I worked at Strange Brewing, one of Argentina's trendiest microbreweries, where I was in charge of the kitchen.

I love to grill meat, it's part of every Argentine's DNA, and I have been grilling for AsadoAdventure since 2016.

The asado is a language of friendship, of family, and camaraderie; it’s a perfect excuse to meet up with those closest to you, to meet new friends, share some wine and forget for a moment the stress and problems of everyday life.

Agustin Perez

I was born in Buenos Aires and lived here all my life. I’ve been a foodie for as long as I can remember, but I work teaching English, math, and biology. I like to cook, and I received the asado tradition from my dad when I was 10 and have been doing it ever since.

I have traveled to many places in Europe, South America, and the Middle East and met all kinds of people. I also enjoy paragliding and have been on a road trip across Patagonia, visiting the best flying spots.

In 2016 I became a food tour guide, which opened the door to meeting even more people and cultures while eating great food. Walking the BA streets between bites and talking about history and culture is one of my favorite things to do.

Agustin Perez.jpg
Delfina Saravia.jpeg

Delfina Saravia

I was born in Buenos Aires, and there's nothing that I enjoy more than walking around with our guests, discovering the street art and the food that it has to offer. I’m also happy to answer any questions about the city, the country or our culture.

I took two horseback riding trips in the Andes (one in Salta, the other in Mendoza) five days each, and I have done a lot of trekking in el Chaltén; traveled solo to Paris, and also visited friends in Europe a few times. But still, the craziest thing was becoming instant friends with Dave, an Australian ex-pat that was living in Ecuador, on a wedding in Ireland, and going on a road trip with him for three days! He now lives in Buenos Aires.

Sacha Kohn

I've been a chef for over fifteen years and love grilling. During my career, I have made asados alongside great chefs such as Francis Mallmann, Pablo Massey, and Narda Lepes. I was also head chef at Happening Costanera, one of the most renowned parrillas in Buenos Aires.

I love the asado ceremony. One doesn't grill for oneself; the asado always includes gathering with people you care for. Starting the fire, grilling the meat, and the long chats, are all part of the ceremony.

The Asado Experience has allowed me to share it with people from all over the world.

Sacha Kohn.jpeg
Fernando Farias.jpg

Fernando Farias

I'm a journalist at Argentina's Public National Radio, where I host an English-language show. Together with an American friend, I had a bilingual podcast for ex-pats called BA Cast that made some noise back in the day. 

I'm a proud Porteño who's in love with all things Buenos Aires: its people, streets, architecture, food, history... even its chaos. Born and raised in BA, I've lived here all my life, except for a few gap years in Italy, Spain, and the UK. 

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