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Original AsadoAdventure Tour



Photo Friendly


5 Hours


10 People Maximum

Your very own Argentine asado!

Experience the authentic flavor of Argentine culture with the Buenos Aires Asado Adventure, a unique food tour that immerses you in the traditional dining experience of the asado. Join a small group of no more than 10 people as we guide you through the customs and rituals of the Argentine asado in a private residence that was once a bakery dating back to 1890.


Begin your tour by getting to know your fellow travelers and preparing the delicious chimichurri sauce. Then, take a stroll through the trendy Palermo Viejo neighborhood as we shop for the freshest ingredients, just like a local. We will visit the butcher, a winery, and a bakery. Along the way, you'll also have the opportunity to admire the neighborhood's vibrant street art and rich history.


Don't miss out on the chance to be a part of the family and learn the secrets of the Argentine asado. Book your spot on the Buenos Aires Asado Adventure today and taste the true essence of Argentine culture.

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Picada  We offer dried and aged artisan salami from Tandil, pickles, and some cheese with a Fernandito.

Salads – We serve our signature spinach, mango, and caramelized pecan salad. We will have seasonal variations as well.

Achuras – Grilled offal cuts are the opening salvo of meat before the main course, and we also serve provoleta (grilled provolone cheese with herbs and pepper).

Wine – Every great asado has wine. Therefore, we will purchase a bottle of wine per two people to share.

Main course – Delicious Argentine meat. We’ll go to the butcher, learn about the different cuts, and pick the ones that we like.

Dessert – Traditional Argentine desserts to discover and enjoy, followed by a round of mate, the famous herbal tea you drink through a metal straw.


Does this look like fun? Book tickets today!

Pricing Chart

ages 6 to 10



Under 6 are free

All food and drink provided

5-Hour Tour

All Food & Drink provided


Street Art

Private Home



Private transportation possible

Please ask for rates

Vegetarians are welcomed

Please let us know

Your Asado Experience Itinerary

Arrive at my private home to start the preparations for our lunch together.


10:30 AM - Introduction.

Arrive and we introduce each other while having a glass of water if you like. – Arrival and introductions


10:45 AM

We light up the grill and begin making the chimichurri sauce.


11:30 AM - We go shopping...

We head out and visit the local plaza on our way to the butcher and wine shop. Along the way, we will stop to admire some of the local street art and introduce you to some neighborhood and Argentine history.


01:30 PM - Argentina’s unofficial national cocktail.

We are back at the house and we will have a picada waiting for us. I’ll explain what that is as I make your Fernandito.


​02:15 PM - Time to Eat!

We put the salad together and head out to the table and the grill area. We look over the grill and see all the various cuts that are grilling and how to grill them and then we sit down to eat.


03:30 PM

We should be done with lunch and dessert and we warmly say, “¡chau!”


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A must-do in Buenos Aires!

This was my favorite activity we did in BA! Felt like such an organic, non-touristy experience. We were welcomed into Franky's super cool home in Palermo (awesome neighborhood!) where he sat with us for a bit and explained how we would spend the day. We learned about his…


Saint Louis, Missouri

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