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Five guests taking a group picture in front of a pizza restaurant

Buenos Aires Pizza Tour

Explore the City's Vibrant Cultural Life on a Pizza Tour

$54/person +


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8 People Maximum

A Slice of Buenos Aires

Join us on the ultimate Corrientes Pizza Tour and discover the most delicious traditional pizzas in Buenos Aires and possibly the whole country! We'll be walking along Corrientes Avenue, the heart of entertainment in the city, similar to Broadway in New York or the West End in London. The avenue is home to some of the most important theaters in the city, making it a vibrant and exciting cultural hub.

Tour Guide Fernando
Avenida Corrientes

While many tourists come to Buenos Aires for the parrillas, Palermo, Caminito, Boca Stadium, and Tango, for visitors from across the nation and neighboring countries, Buenos Aires is all about the nightlife, theater, books, pizza, and the lights of Corrientes. The story of Corrientes reflects Buenos Aires' status as a metropolis that it gained in the early 20th century. It transformed from an unattractive, run-down outpost to South America's most important economic and cultural center, surpassing Rio de Janeiro or Lima.


La Calle Corrientes was added to the list of Buenos Aires' icons, romanticized and idealized, referred to in songs, films, and radio shows as the symbol of the city's vibrant cultural life. For actors, actresses, directors, and dancers, having their name up in lights on Corrientes Avenue was the equivalent of Times Square for their American counterparts.


Corrientes Avenue had its heyday in the 50s and 60s, with couples, families, friends, and tourists coming from all over town and the suburbs to enjoy a night out in "the centro." A typical outing would include watching a play at one of the many theaters and then indulging in a pizza, the number one option for everyone on Corrientes.


Join us on this tour to sample proper Buenos Aires pizza or "Pizza Porteña", the best traditional pizzas that Buenos Aires has to offer, and immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural life of Corrientes Avenue!

Ceibo de Jujuy de Plaza Lavalle
Talcahuano Street

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Pricing Chart

Semi-Private Tour
2.5 hours



  1. Food and drink provided

  2. Sightseeing 

  3. Cultural and Architecture sights

  4. Downtown neighborhood

Per Person (8 people maximum)

Private Tour Option


Per Persom (8 people maximun)

  1. All food included

  2. Water is included

  3. We visit up to four pizzerias

  4. Dessert is also included



Please ask
for rates

  1. Private Transportation possible 

  2. Larger groups

Trip Itinerary

Introductions are made and we start the tour by trying this restaurant’s specialty, spinach and white bechamel sauce pizza. 


We visit one more pizzeria on our way to Plaza de la Republica where the Obelisc is located. 


We then visit two more pizzerias; each pizzeria has its specialty pizza, the one they are individually known for, and you will get to try them all in one tour. 


Finish with dessert! We will have a sweet ending and we have our choice of different dessert stops depending on the weather and availability. One thing they have in common is that they are all emblematic with a lot of history, and they are delicious.

Meet your guide in front of Palacio de la Pizza, Av Corrientes 751

Statue at entrance to Carlos Thays Botanical Garden

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Blood Sausage

Excellent food, beer and walking tour.

A really great food tour in Buenos Aires, with friends from England and a couple from Toronto. Frank looked after us for a out 7 hours, stating with breakfast at a local cafe. We then walked round the Botanical Gardens while Frank gave us a fascinating history lesson. We saw a…


Folkstone, United Kingdom

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