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Se Me Sale La Vaina But Haven't Lost My Cool

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

I stopped by my neighborhood craft beer store a few weeks back and talked with the owner a little on one of my walks with my 4-month-old puppy. He suggested I try this new beer by 7 Puentes. This was the first time I have tried anything from this brewer, but I trust this guy's judgment, and he was totally correct.

This is a Brown Ale made with vanilla and English hops and malts. This is a complex deep beer with a lot going on, but it is smooth and well balanced.

The tasting profile includes vanilla, malts, caramel, and nuts. They are all carefully balanced, and delivered in a medium-bodied elixer with a caramel head.

This beer can go perfectly with a dessert, anything chocolate, for example. I can think of brownies or chocolate chip cookies, and maybe even a chocolate donut.

This is very much a classic English Brown Ale with a vanilla twist to it. If you have a chance to try it, don't miss out. It's a limited edition beer, so don't wait too long.

Specs: ABV 6.2%, 22IBU

Brewer: 7 Puentes

Beer Store: Bodega de Cervezas, Costa Rica 5654, Palermo Hollywood, Instagram.

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